NetPol operates a Protest Solicitors List is enabling activists to find a good recommendations for a solicitor. It is based on the pooled experience of many activists over many years, and all of the solicitors are graded by an experienced panel.

Send your feedback and recommendations to so we can modify the list and keep it up to date.

What type of solicitor do you need?

Different solicitors do different things: download an Excel spreadsheet with a list of solicitors who can provide the following support

criminal solicitorsCriminal Solicitors

Defend you if arrested / charged by the police


civil solicitorsCivil Solicitors

Make a complaint about or sue the police


public solicitorsPublic Solicitors

Challenge the lawfulness of legislation or policies


prison solicitorsPrison Solicitors

Support in prison


More information:

How Firms are Graded
The Netpol Panel

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    [...] address, DNA, fingerprints and so on.  If you are physically forced to comply you may be able to sue the police at a later date. DO be assertive if you are stopped and searched – you are not required to give your name or [...]