Defend Freedom To Protest

The government’s new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is an unprecedented attack on our freedom to protest. We have to fight against this Bill. But we need more than opposition – that’s why we’re launching a new Charter For Freedom of Assembly Rights.

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Policing Black Lives Matter protests in Britain in 2020

Netpol has published “Britain Is Not Innocent”, our 60-page report on the policing of this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests in Britain.  Read, download and share

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Support Netpol

It takes time and energy to defend our right to freely assemble in public without facing the threat of arrest or harassment from the police – and it takes the support of people like you.

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COP26 marchers resist unlawful kettling tactics

Photo credit: @YCLBritain Police Scotland have come under heavy criticism after kettling a group of young people at the main COP26 climate march in Glasgow on Saturday, bringing tens of thousands of people marching behind them to a standstill. 'Kettling' is a...