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The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act introduces new powers for policing demonstrations, enabling police to clamp down even more on protests they deem “disruptive”.

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Respect or Repression? An independent report into the policing of COP26

Our new report tells a shocking story – one of intimidation, harassment and police violence which left Glasgow immersed in two weeks of chaos. Read, download and share.

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Protecting Protest: why independent legal observers remain essential

Volunteers from Green and Black Cross out on the streets monitoring the policing of a protest in central London. PHOTO: Netpol Whenever new police powers are introduced, it has been our experience that soon afterwards, officers will abuse them. The Police, Crime,...

Defending Dissent – now police have new powers, what happens next?

We know the police misuse the protest powers they already have. How will senior police officers convince us they have a clear plan to avoid the abuse of these new ones? Over a year after it was first introduced, and in spite of widespread opposition and public...