Stop Labelling Campaigners "Domestic Extremists"

“Domestic extremism” is defined so broadly that it encompasses any campaign making use of civil disobedience or direct action. Netpol is campaigning for the police to stop using this highly subjective categorisation of legitimate campaigning and protest activities.

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It takes time and energy to defend our right to freely assemble in public without facing the threat of arrest or harassment from the police – and it takes the support of people like you.

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Why we need proper legal protections for our right to protest

In Britain, there are laws that are supposed to protect our civil liberties – specifically the Human Rights Act 1998, which has often proven extremely effective as a means of challenging in court injustices by the state that violates our rights. This may go a long way...

Police to finally stop calling us Domestic Extremists

The Green Party peer Jenny Jones with Netpol outside of New Scotland Yard, February 2018 After years of campaigning by Netpol, policing in Britain has at last decided to abandon the “domestic extremism” label Twelve months after Netpol revealed the decision of the...