Stop Labelling Campaigners "Domestic Extremists"

“Domestic extremism” is defined so broadly that it encompasses any campaign making use of civil disobedience or direct action. Netpol is campaigning for the police to stop using this highly subjective categorisation of legitimate campaigning and protest activities.

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Protecting Freedom to Protest

All over Britain – from school climate strikers to Extinction Rebellion taking action on the climate emergency, from communities opposing fracking and open-cast mining to resistance to arming of brutal regimes, animal exploitation and the government’s ‘hostile environment’ – people are expressing their dissent against ‘business as usual’ and are taking to the streets to demand change.

We urgently need to raise at least £10,000 for our 'Protecting Freedom to Protest Fund' so we can challenge disproportionate or excessive policing in 2020 that risks undermining the right to protest.

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It takes time and energy to defend our right to freely assemble in public without facing the threat of arrest or harassment from the police – and it takes the support of people like you.

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