UK uncut occupation - people sat on the floor in a clothes shopProduced for use by legal observers (although activists may want to read it too!), Netpol has now published a guide to the law and occupations. It is written with uk uncut -style occupations in mind, but applies to all sorts of situations where protesters decide to use the tactic of occupying private premises or land. Covering trespass, use of force, rights to photography, lock-ons, and the most commonly encountered reasons for arrest, this is essential reading for anyone monitoring the policing of protest.

Guide to the law and occupations

Having published this guide, we’d welcome feedback. We’d love to hear how police and security have behaved during the course of the occupations, whether arrests were made, and for what, and what the outcome of prosecutions have been. We’d also love to hear about any uses (or misuses) of the law, or of the behaviour of police or security, that we haven’t covered here.

Please get in touch and tell us about the policing of your occupation (or any other protest come to that…)

Netpol have also written other guides for legal observers:

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