Netpol, the Network for Police Monitoring, has today launched a list of solicitors that are experienced in dealing with the police and protesters.

Sam Walton, a spokesperson for Netpol said,

“We put this list together because, as legal support groups, we are always being asked where people can get a good lawyer. Outside London, the answer is often “We don’t know.”

“A decent lawyer who knows that things like the importance of “no comment” during police interviews can make a huge difference to someone’s chances of defending themselves in court, or suing the police. Our list of solicitors list is an attempt to pool knowledge from across the movement.”

Maintaining this resource is overseen by an experienced panel made up of activists from Green & Black Cross, Legal Defence & Monitoring Group and Newham Monitoring Project. Solicitors are graded from an A (meaning those known to provide quality support) to a D (solicitors that protesters have repeatedly raised complaints about and are best avoided). Currently, we have details of solicitors from around the country but there remain significant gaps.

The solicitors list is based on the pooled experience of many activists over many years. You can help make the list more useful – please send us feedback if you use any of these solicitors. If you can recommend other solicitors, please contact