no dash for gas logoAs No Dash For Gas report, energy giant EDF has dropped its £5m lawsuit against the activists who shut down the power plant in October for a week in protest at its environmental policies.

The civil lawsuit (on top of an ongoing trial for aggravated trespass where the defendants face possible jail terms) would have seen the protestors potentially losing their homes, and remaining in debt to EDF for most, if not all, of their lives. The £5m lawsuit was described as “legal bullying” designed “to shut down protest, chill dissent and prevent effective action in the UK against climate change”.

However, the public outcry and a petition have convinced EDF that the public mood is not with them and – realising they were committing what one PR consultant described as ‘reputational suicide’ – they have dropped the case.

Hear activists talking about the £5m case (before it was dropped) here: