A new short film about one of NetPol’s member organisations, Newham Monitoring Project (NMP), documents a 33-year history of resistance to racism and police violence in east London. It shows how, since 1980, grass-roots community action mobilised by NMP has insisted that a fairer and more equal society is inseparable from the struggle for justice – with a constant focus on resisting hostility, indifference and outright opposition of the state.

The documentary, made by filmmaker and longstanding NMP supporter Rayna Nadeem, covers some of the iconic struggles of Newham’s black communities in the 1980s – such as the Newham 7 and Newham 8 campaigns – that have led NMP to be called “the leading national voice for the right for black communities to defend themselves”. This 17 minute film also describes how, in the 1990s, NMP was drawn into campaigns in support of families who had lost loved ones in custody as a result of appalling police brutality and more, more recently, NMP has worked in defence of local people criminalised by anti-terrorist operations and the securitisation of east London for the Olympics.