Domestic-ExtremistAs the National Union of Journalists encourages members whose work brings them into contact with the police to challenge their inclusion on the national ‘domestic extremist’ database, NetPol is urging activists and campaigners to do the same.

Using the Data Protection Act, activists can submit Subject Access requests to the Metropolitan Police to check what information is held about them by the National Domestic Extremism Unit (NDEU). Netpol wants to see all secret police databases shut down, because there is every reason to believe that data gathered in secret, with no checks and balances and no effective accountability, is not only unnecessary and intrusive but also riddled with gossip and rumour.

The results of a Subject Access Request remain private – nobody has any obligation to share personal data. However, if you discover inaccuracies or trivial information in any data that the police hold, we would like to work with you, in confidence, to expose this.

Netpol has produced a guide and sample request and follow-up letters to help you make a Subject Access Request. If you are submitting one, please let us know about any delays, other obstacles you experience and what you discover at

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The Netpol Guide to Making a Subject Access Request can be found on this website or a PDF version is available to download


Netpol Subject Access Requests Guide (PDF)
Sample letters (Word)
Sample letters (Open Office)