netpol-database-banner-02As part of our campaign against the industrial-scale collection and retention of personal information on individual campaigners, Netpol has recently begun legal action that challenges the Home Secretary and the Metropolitan Police over the legality of their policies governing secret police databases.

Netpol wants to see these databases shut down, because there is every reason to believe that data gathered in secret, with no checks and balances and no effective accountability, is not only unnecessary and intrusive but also riddled with gossip and rumour.

Now we need your help to support our legal case.

Have you checked whether your personal details have been collected and retained by the police? We are encouraging activists to make a Subject Access Request (SAR) under data protection legislation, to discover if a record is held on them and if there are inaccuracies or trivial information in any data that the police hold.

Netpol has produced a detailed guide on making a Subject Access Request at

If, however, you need assistance in submitting a SAR or have any questions about the subject access process, our solicitor Rosa Curling of Leigh Day Solicitors may be able to help.

In addition, if you have already received a subject access response from the Metropolitan Police, we would also be very grateful if you could share the results – in strictest confidence – with Rosa.

You can contact Rosa on 020 7650 1240 or email (further details here)

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