Balcombe FrackingWere you arrested in Balcombe in Sussex during the “Reclaim the Power” Day of Action organised by No Dash for Gas on Monday 19 August 2013? 

Did you accept a police caution to secure your release?

Cautions always remain on a person’s record unless there are exceptional circumstances why they should be removed. Examples include a finding that the original arrest was unlawful or where it was found beyond all doubt that no offence existed.

The recent trial of other activists arrested at Balcombe, for obstructing the highway and breaches of section 14 of the Public Order Act (imposing conditions on a public assembly), resulted in not-guilty verdicts. Significantly, the trial judge found in his judgement [PDF] that the Section 14 notice itself was invalid.

We are therefore keen to track down anyone who accepted a caution on the day, particularly for Section 14. Whilst there are no guarantees of success, Kelly’s Solicitors in Brighton, who defended the Balcombe activists, are willing to contact Sussex Police and ask that the cautions are overturned.

If you did accept a caution and want to see if it can be removed, please contact Green & Black Cross at indicating your willingness to pass on your details to Kelly’s.