IMG_0583Since 2012, Netpol’s “Don’t Feed The Feds – Don’t Be on a Database” campaign has called on activists and campaigners to take action to protect their personal details from police data-gathering during protests.

Once an individual comes to the attention of the police, often for no reason other than a history of involvement in demonstrations or protests, we have seen how they can become a target for FIT (Forward Intelligence) teams and police photographers – and so too are their friends and the people they speak to. We have also concerned about the pivotal role that the apparently friendly Police Liaison Officers play in gathering intelligence on the protesters that they speak to.

Netpol FlickrNow we are asking supporters to turn the tables – and share your pictures of police surveillance of protests. We have set up a Flickr Group Pool where you can post photos directly. We ask that:

  • You only only post photos relating to police surveillance of protests (Forward Intelligence Teams, police photographers, Police Liaison Officers) at UK protests
  • You do not post pictures of individuals you suspect are undercover officers – it is almost impossible to guarantee this accurately and these images will be removed.
  • By posting to Group Pool, you agree to allow Netpol to occasionally use images on its website and social media channels (duly credited) for campaigning purposes – of course, you keep all rights to your photos.

To sign up, visit