A guide to asking fracking companies for your personal data

Daneshill Main Gate

Main gate at Dart Energy’s Daneshill site in Nottinghamshire, April 2014. PHOTO: Netpol

How to check if fracking company security staff are gathering intelligence about you

Netpol has spoken to a growing number of anti-fracking activists who are concerned private security staff employed by energy companies developing new drilling sites are photographing and video recording them in order to identify ‘organisers’ – and that this personal data is shared with the police.

To help campaigners find out if companies are gathering, retaining and sharing personal data, we are encouraging individuals to use data protection legislation and make a ‘subject access request’,

Download one of Netpol’s standard letters, add your name and address and edit the sections in bold – including the address of the site where you think you may have been subject to surveillance by security staff.

IGas standard letter (word, 19kB)
Cuadrilla standard letter (word, 19kB)
Rathlin Energy standard letter (word, 19kB)
Celtique Energie standard letter (word, 19kB)
Third Energy standard letter (word, 19kB)

Post you request along with proof of your address, a photocopy of my passport or driving licence and a recent photograph. You do not need to send a fee unless asked to do so.

The addresses of companies that currently have active sites are

IGas Energy PLC
7 Down Street
London W1J 7AJ
Cuadrilla Resources Ltd
Cuadrilla House
Stowe Court
Stowe Street
WS13 6AQ
Rathlin Energy (UK) Ltd
8 Wimpole Street
London W1G 9SP
Celtique Energie
40 Berners Street
London W1T 3NA
Third Energy Holdings Limited
Portland House,
Bressenden Place,
London, SW1E 5BH

The companies have to reply within 40 days. If they reasonably need more information to help them find your information or identify you, they have to ask you for the information they need. They can then wait until they have all the necessary information as well as any fee before dealing with your request.

If more than 40 calendar days have passed since you made your request, we advise you write to remind them of your request and their obligations under the Data Protection Act. We recommend you send any correspondence by recorded delivery. You can find a standard letter for this here (word. 12 kB)

Please let us know (in strictest confidence) what information you receive – find out how to contact us here.

2 responses to A guide to asking fracking companies for your personal data

  1. Netpol Post Author

    For the avoidance of doubt, we are not suggesting anti-fracking activists hand over their details en masse. Those who (a) have reasons to believe they their personal details has been gathered and retained by private security employed by fracking companies and (b) want to find out what personal data has been kept and what shared with others, including the police, can take the steps set out above.

    Making is clear to companies holding personal data that they are accountable for what they retain and will face scrutiny from campaigners is a way of pushing back against surveillance – especially as we believe these companies are currently ill-prepared for activists exercising their rights under data protection legislation.

  2. Bob

    You are suggesting that anti-fracking activists hand over their full details en masse to the very companies they are fighting! The same companies who will then get injunctions against all the names they have, share it with other companies, and pass on the details to the police where it suits them!!

    This kind of stuff has happened. But I don’t think such crazy advice has been put out there before. Please remove it and discourage people from giving the people we are fighting such an easy advantage over us!

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