Two weeks ago we explained our decision to take part in a conference organised by the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC), which we felt offered us a new opportunity to ask questions about the policing of anti-fracking protests that had remained unanswered since we raised them last year.

The conference took place yesterday in Derby and following our presentation,  the NPCC has said it will now provide a written response to our September 2015 briefing.

In the interests of our own transparency, the presentation we gave is published below, along with links to the documents referred to within it.

The accompanying notes for the presentation are available here [pdf_icon, 1.8 Mb]

Briefing cover NPCC Breiefing Cover Barton Moss Report Cover 2016
Netpol’s briefing to NPCC, September 2015 Policing of anti-fracking protests policy Research report on Barton Moss protest