Netpol is proud to stand in solidarity with all those fighting to #KillTheBill. 

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is a dangerous and unnecessary piece of legislation that endangers the rights and safety of every single one of us. It is therefore no surprise that those who are working to #KillTheBill have come together from every section of society. We stand united and reject attempts to divide our movement into “good” and “bad” protestors. 

We must be clear: there is no version of this Bill that is tolerable. Whilst we support the many efforts to stop this Bill passing through Parliament, we also call on all groups and organisations to stand unified in demanding nothing less than a complete rejection of the Bill.

If we stand together then we can #KillTheBill.

In recent weeks, we have seen the police repeatedly abuse the powers they already have. Giving them more powers will not make us safer. 

The Bill intensifies police brutality against Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, and criminalises their way of life. This must go.

The Bill gives the police the power to criminalise protests for being “noisy”, disruptive or “annoying”. This must go. 

The Bill uses ‘protecting’ women as a cover to expand police powers and increase custodial sentences. These measures are not sufficient to prevent violence, and are troubling considering police officers’ implication in cases of violence against women. This must go. 

The Bill expands stop and search powers, which are already regularly used to harass and terrorise young black people. This must go.

The Bill will silence the calls for justice by families of those whose loved ones have died at the hands of the police. This must go. 

The Bill makes those at the sharpest edge of state violence even more unsafe – including migrants, sex workers, Disabled people, and racialised communities. 

We must Kill this Bill. 

The Government’s current majority means that the Bill may pass through the halls of Parliament. That does not mean it will pass through the streets. 

Just as many before us – in history as recent as the anti Poll Tax movement – we know that victories are won in the streets, in our communities and workplaces. People power has already got this Bill delayed. It can also stop it being enforced. 

We, the undersigned, stand together to Kill The Bill in its entirety and with all the tools at our disposal.