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From 31 October until 12 November, Glasgow will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) and with 10,000 police officers on the streets in anticipation of protests, including the Global Day on Action on 6 November, we will soon find out how much faith to put into Police Scotland’s promises that it will be “friendly, fair and accommodating” to protesters.

Like everyone else, it is impossible for us to predict what will happen over the coming fortnight but we are keen to hear from campaigners in Glasgow about their experiences for a report we are preparing to publish after the Conference.

We are particularly interested to hear about evidence (including relevant video) and first-hand testimony – incidents you have seen or experienced yourself – about any of the following during the protests:

  • Aggressive police behaviour, such as pushing protesters around.
  • Excessive force used by officers making arrests.
  • Racist policing, including racist language or racial profiling by police officers.
  • Random, unclear or harassing use of stop & search powers.
  • Kettling protesters, particularly refusing to allow some protesters out of a kettle.
  • Examples of intrusive police surveillance, particularly aimed at members of groups that endorse direct action and civil disobedience tactics.
  • Snatching any prominent individuals targeted for arrest from crowds
  • Restrictions on movement justified by the alleged need to “prevent crime”.
  • The targeting of Black, Brown and other racialised people or LGBTQ+ protesters for arrest.
  • The mistreatment or targeting of disabled protesters and any failure by the police to facilitate disabled people’s right to protest.
  • Information about home or premises raids justified on the grounds of preventing disorder.


You can share your evidence and testimony by securely emailing it to:

By sharing your evidence and testimony with us, you give consent for Netpol to use this information in our campaigning work, although we will always maintain your confidentiality and will not share your name publicly.


If you have been arrested in Glasgow and need immediate support, do not accept a duty solicitor but instead ask to speak to Clare Ryan on 07977 000 312.

You have a right to have someone informed of your arrest and between 28th October to midnight on 15th November, you should make this the Scottish Community & Activist Legal Project’s 24 hour Legal Back Office on 0131 322 5322

For further information on legal support during COP26, visit