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Defend the Freedom to Protest

The government has just announced sweeping new powers to “tackle non-violent protests that have a significant disruptive effect”, which give the Police new powers to disperse and place conditions on protests and criminalise activists.


The government’s counter-terrorism ‘Prevent’ strategy has been around for over a decade and its attempt to divert individuals allegedly at risk of “radicalisation”, through multi-agency panels, has always been highly contentious.

Protest surveillance

Since 2009, Netpol has documented the way that the police, through various “domestic extremist” units, have engaged in intensive overt and covert surveillance on protest movements and in the retention of personal details about protestors

Communities Monitoring the Police

Policing intended to maintain and control public order is often associated with protest and political dissent, but it is invariably at its most coercive and its most aggressive on the streets and in communities that society stigmatises as “at risk of disorder”.

Protecting The Protectors

‘Protecting the Protectors’ is Netpol’s campaign to raise awareness and encourage debate amongst elected representatives and in the media about the pressing need to change policing strategies on anti-fracking protests. This area of our work is funded by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.

Previous Campaigns

Netpol’s Community Monitoring Project

Take action on 20th June

The case for protest anonymity

Together Against Prevent

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It takes time and energy to defend our right to freely assemble in public without facing the threat of arrest or harassment from the police – and it takes the support of people like you.