Kettling Police Powers

Kettling the Powers of the Police is a new campaign, aiming to take on ‘the worst of the worst’ of police powers and practices.

The campaign is an initiative developed by the Network for Police Monitoring in collaboration with a range of other protest, community and legal groups. The campaign statement calls for an end to the abuse of police powers, the unrestrained use of surveillance and unending expansion of public order and protest laws.

Lawyers, frontline campaigning and community groups, bereaved families, deaths in custody campaigns and activist / protest groups are invited to sign upto and support this campaign.

All groups and individuals are also invited to feed into the campaigns objective to build a ‘dossier of evidence’ on policing issues. Many incidents are currently unreported and a dossier will bring to public attention the scale and range of the problems being faced.

The dossier will compile evidence in four key areas:

  • Public order policing – kettling, dispersal, pre-emptive arrests, use of force and the failure to facilitate protest.
  • Surveillance – police photography and filming, databases, facial recognition and gathering of intelligence.
  • Community harassment – stop and search, stop and account and other measures targeting specific communities or groups
  • Custody, bail and sentencing – abuse in custody, misuse of police bail / bail conditions and over-charging.

Please contribute your stories or experiences, e-mail

Lawyers, frontline campaigners, protest and activist groups, deaths in custody campaigns are invited to sign up to ‘Kettling the Powers of the Police’.

Signing up will mean we keep you informed about the campaign, and how it is developing. Groups signing up will be invited to help us develop a ‘dossier of evidence’ – a collection and analysis of policing issues in communitities and protests.

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  1. warren

    The link for signing up is not active. Please send me another way of joing as I really would like to help this cause in any way I can.
    Thanks Warren