Together Against Prevent

Netpol is a signatory to the ‘Together Against Prevent’ campaign. Organisations supporting this initiative have agreed the following statement:

  • We recognise and condemn the damage that Prevent’s “spot the potential terrorist” approach has made primarily in stigmatising and criminalising entire Muslim communities, but also to a growing number of political activists and campaigners labelled with ill-defined terms like “non-violent extremist” or “domestic extremist”.
  • We view Prevent as a policy that is based on insufficient evidence to support the flawed assumption that ‘extremist’ ideology opposed to subjective ‘British values’ is the single most important cause of terrorism. We therefore support closer collaboration between different campaigning, religious and community organisations to call on the government to end its Prevent strategy.
  • We support and encourage more political debate in schools, colleges and universities and reject attempts to close down and censor dissenting voices. We welcome open discussion with all young people about potentially radical ideas and call on all educational institutions to vigorously defend the right to free academic inquiry on issues considered ‘controversial’.
  • We pledge to take no Prevent funds and support non-cooperation, wherever possible, with local Prevent programmes.

Netpol has documented many incidents of counter-terrorist police targeting student campaigners, journalists and opponents of fracking as alleged ‘extremists’. However, we have also argued that while is it right to express our disgust at the labelling of campaigners with ill-defined terms like “domestic extremist”, it is important too to remember that Muslim communities are the primary targets of the government’s Prevent strategy – and that the most effective way we can resist it is together.

Show your support

If you support this statement, we encourage you to add the ‘Together Against Prevent’ logo  to your website and link it to a specific new page about the campaign on your website. You can find the resources to do so at the micro-site

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