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Show Public Support For Netpol’s Campaign

Are you on Twitter, FaceBook or Instagram? We need people to take a public stand in support of our campaign on social media, sharing the message that “Protest is Not Extremism”.

Below are a range of images you can download and share – with the hashtag #ProtestNotExtremism. Our key campaign demands are:


  1. The police must stop categorising campaigning and protest activities as ‘extremism’.
  2. Protesters and campaigners must have better protection against routine surveillance.
  3. The policing of protest should be clearly separated from the policing of terrorism and extremism.

Demand Your Data

The number of people who have been added to Counter Terrorism Policing’s lists of alleged “domestic extremists” has varied over the years, depending on when data is added or removed.

To find out whether your personal information has been added, you need to make a data protection subject access request. Find out how here.


Tell Us Your Stories

How do you feel about the police labelling your campaigning as “extremism”? Read what other campaigners are saying and add your comments here.

If you have been contacted by police “domestic extremist” officers because of your campaigning activities, we would like to hear your experiences. Contact us in strictest confidence.


Make A Donation

Netpol is not a charity and the work we carry out is considered ‘unpopular’, so there are a limited number of funding sources we can apply to for grants.

We are therefore dependent upon the help of individuals and organisations who support our work – and who can either afford to make a regular monthly contribution by standing order or a one-off donation – to enable it to continue. If you can help, visit our Donate page.


Sign Up For Updates

Netpol cares about privacy so if you previously signed our letter to the National Police Chief’s Council, we will only retain your email address for the purposes of updating you on progress and whether we receive a response. After that, all personal data will be deleted.

That means that if you want to stay informed about Netpol’s “Campaigners Not Extremists” initiative, you will need to sign up to our mailing list here.