Reports and Submissions

Netpol has made submissions to a number of consultations on policing issues carried out by government departments, parliamentary committees of regulatory bodies. These are published below.


01 Netpol’s submission to Home Office on covert human surveillance Online
02 Netpol submission to Home Office consultation on Schedule 7 pdf_icon 137Kb
03 Netpol submission to Home Office consultation on Police Powers pdf_icon 307Kb
04 Netpol submission to Home Affairs Select Committee on the operation of the IPCC Online
05 A report to the Welsh Assembly on the Policing of Occupy Cardiff
With endorsements from Tony Benn, Mark Serwotka, Bob Crow and the Archbishop of Wales.
pdf_icon 727Kb
06 A Netpol report released in July 2012 has documented a ‘Total Policing’ clampdown on freedom to protest during 2010 and 2011. The detailed 40-page report highlights how promises made by the police to ‘adapt to protest’ after 2009′s G20 demonstrations in London have been forgotten in a remarkably short space of time and a far more intolerant ‘total policing’ style response to protesters has developed in the UK. The publication of the report was reported by The Guardian. pdf_icon 6.12Mb
07 Netpol report on the policing of EDL (English Defence League) protests in Leicester on 4th of February 2012 pdf_icon 931Kb
08 Report on the policing of protest in London on March 26th 2011 pdf_icon 567Kb
09 Netpol report on the policing of the EDL (English Defence League) & Counter Protests in Leicester on October 9th 2010 pdf_icon 879Kb