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Anti-Frackers Guides

Netpol’s guidance for the anti-fracking movement covers many of the most common questions from both participants in protectors camps and local groups.


Expert Legal Advice

Our 'Protest Solicitors List' enables you to find an expert criminal, civil or public law solicitor recommended by other campaigners, graded by an experienced panel.


Know Your Rights

Looking for practical guidance on protecting your rights?


Police Databases

If you believe your personal data may have been gathered and retained by the police, then you are entitled to see what information they hold about you by making a Subject Access Request.


Monitoring Local Policing

Netpol believes there is a compelling case for communities up and down the country setting up their own local police monitoring projects.


Influencing Policy

Netpol regularly seeks to influence policy carried out by government, parliamentary committees and regulatory bodies on policing issues.


Finding a Solicitor

Netpol operates a Protest Solicitors List is enabling activists to find a good recommendations for a solicitor. It is based on the pooled experience of many activists over many years, and all of the solicitors are graded by an experienced panel.

Reports & Submissions

Netpol has made submissions to a number of consultations on policing issues carried out by government departments, parliamentary committees of regulatory bodies. These are published below.

Support Netpol

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