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Guides on Policing and the Law for Campaigners Against Fracking

Netpol’s guidance for the anti-fracking movement has been created in response to specific requests by activists for support and advice. We have tried to respond to many of the most common questions from both participants in protectors camps and from local groups who are organising meetings and street stalls. Unfortunately, there is growing evidence that several police forces classify any form of organised opposition to extreme energy extraction as ‘suspect’.

Part 1 – Resisting Police Surveillance

RPS-front-coverPart 1 covers ways that anti-fracking campaigners can avoid and resist unwarranted and intimidating surveillance by the police. It covers two areas – organising online and organising public events. It includes sections on:

  • Thinking about how your group communicates
  • Thinking about how your campaign uses Facebook
  • Sharing on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram
  • Using Smartphones
  • How to avoid incriminating others
  • The law on prosecutions for material posted online

The Anti-Frackers Guide to Resisting Police Surveillance’ is available as a single guide (pdf_icon, 2.6 Mb) or as the following fact sheets available both in web format and to download and print:

01 Organising Online  pdf_icon 2.4 Mb Online
02 Organising Public Events pdf_icon 3 Mb Online

Part 2 – Understanding Laws Affecting Protesters

ULAP=front-coverPart 2 covers is intended as a reference guide – it is not necessary for campaigners to know ever aspect of the law before taking part in protests.

However, campaign groups can help to ensure the safety of protesters when planning actions that might potentially lead to arrests or legal action by:

  • Ensuring trained legal observers are present to monitor the conduct of the police and that ‘bust cards’ with reliable criminal solicitors’ contact numbers are distributed.
  • Offering ‘Know Your Rights’ workshops for campaigners in your group
  • Talking to an experienced civil lawyer if you are planning to occupy land, to ensure legal representation is ready and in place well before the arrival of a possession order or the threat of an injunction.

Contact Green & Black Cross Legal for support with legal observers and rights training.

Click here for details of civil solicitors firms and here for criminal law firms

‘The Anti-Frackers Guide to Understanding Laws Affecting Protesters’ is available as a single guide (pdf_icon, 4.5 Mb) or as the following fact sheets available both in web format and to download and print:

01 Occupying Land pdf_icon 2.4 Mb Online
02 Private Security pdf_icon 2.4 Mb Online
03 Civil Trespass and Possession Orders pdf_icon 2.4 Mb Online
04 Injunctions pdf_icon 2.4 Mb Online
05 Common Criminal Offences pdf_icon 2.4 Mb Online
06 Other Offences pdf_icon 2.4 Mb Online
07 Sentencing on Conviction pdf_icon 2.4 Mb Online

Development of this guidance was made possible by the financial support of the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust and the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust