The solicitors are graded at four levels; this can be found in the ‘Grade’ column. These grades are decided by the panel.

A = Highly recommend
We have received several positive recommendations and outcomes over a period of time covering several different cases and we are convinced of their ability to provide excellent representation for activists.

B = Recommend
We have had some positive recommendations or outcomes, and/or this has been recommended by experienced activists as a good choice for the area.

C = Unsure or no recommendation
We have received insufficient or mixed feedback about this firm and/or they have asked to be placed on this list, but do not have sufficient recommendations from trusted activists to grade them otherwise.

D = Do not recommend
We have received mainly negative feedback about this firm.

This grading is only advisory and we can in no way vouch for the quality of these lawyers.

Information can be fed to the panel by sending it to

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