Become a Netpol Supporter

It takes time and energy to defend our right to freely assemble in public without facing the threat of arrest or harassment from the police – and it takes the support of people like you.

The police have sweeping powers, funding, and influence available to them. We have our Supporters, their experiences and skills that others can learn from and their invaluable knowledge and information about the impact of oppressive policing around the UK.

  • Help us expose and resist police surveillance targeting legitimate political dissent.
  • Support us to assist campaigners defying attempts to undermine and disrupt our protests and our movements.
  • Help us to build and strengthen local resistance against discriminatory and violent policing where its impact is at its greatest, on the streets of our communities.

As a Supporter, you will have a chance to influence the campaigns we prioritse, receive regular updates on our work, obtain copies of publications we produce and, as we grow, receive advice and support from Netpol on from Netpol on organising against oppressive policing in your area. Many of our campaigns start as concerns our supporters tell us about – they are often essential eyes and ears on the ground.

To register as a Supporter, we ask is that you make a minimum donation of £3 a month (£1 a month if you are a student or have a reduced income).

How can I sign up?

You can become a Netpol Supporter today by signing up online. 

Alternatively, you can print off this Standing Order Form (, 73 kB) and post it to us.