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New Netpol film highlights police violence at Lancashire fracking site


Netpol has today launched a new film on the many allegations of police violence made by campaigners who are blockading shale gas company Cuadrilla’s drilling site at Preston New Road in Lancashire.

In the first in a forthcoming series of short films made with Gathering Place Films on the policing of anti-fracking protests, Netpol shares the voices of campaigners on what is currently the front-line of resistance to fracking in the UK. Read more

Netpol urges Supreme Court to uphold illegality of protester’s ‘domestic extremist’ record

Intelligence gatherering at Gaza protest, August 2014. From netpol's Flickr Pool

Metropolitan Police intelligence gathering at Gaza protest, August 2014. From Netpol’s Flickr Pool

PRESS RELEASE | 1 December 2014

The Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol), a national civil liberties organisation that monitors police conduct and challenges unfair and discriminatory policing, has been granted permission to intervene in the Supreme Court, in an appeal concerning the lawfulness of the Metropolitan Police’s ‘domestic extremist’ database. Read more

Statement on covert police surveillance of Newham Monitoring Project

Press release from Newham Monitoring Project (NMP) – one of the members of Netpol.

It is alarming that a Metropolitan police undercover surveillance unit, the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), targeted Newham Monitoring Project (NMP) and serves as a reminder of the levels of corruption and misuse of power within the police that we have tirelessly campaigned against for years.

Our work supporting victims of police misconduct, racist violence and assisting the grieving relatives and friends of black people who died in police custody has contributed significantly to greater police accountability, transparency and racial equality in the UK. The police have actively sought to stop, disrupt or discredit this work and the people who support it.

Attempts to mitigate against negative publicity using unethical policing methods are indisinguishable from the sanctioning of a cover-up. Read more