Jenny Jones


Baroness Jenny Jones is the Green Party’s only member of the House of Lords. Jenny was previously London Assembly Member until 2016, the Deputy Mayor of London from 2003-2004 and a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority from 2000-2012.

In June 2013, Jenny made a data protection subject access request to the Metropolitan Police asking for any information they held about her on the national domestic extremist database.

In an article for the Guardian in June 2014, she revealed that she had received three pages of information from the database, mostly taken from public sources and including copies of tweets, references to newspaper articles and events she had spoken at. One of these was a rally by the United Campaign Against Police Violence, which had been set up in the aftermath of the death of newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in 2009 and the death in police custody of Sean Rigg in August 2008.

Jenny met with the NDEDIU in 2014 and was told they were “unable to say whether the file on her remained on the domestic extremism database”.

In January 2016, a police whistle-blower David Williams, who had worked for the domestic extremism unit for five years, wrote to Jenny, claiming the Metropolitan Police had deleted both physical and electronic records related to her in the month she met with them.

Williams said “this process would thwart any freedom of information request within a 28-day period from the initial deletion… I believed this was a cover-up to ensure you could not get any access to police records relating to you through a freedom of information request.”

At first I found it amusing that the information held on me was so pointless. However, my file and this database should be seen in the wider context of police surveillance against activists. At one end of the spectrum is the collection of publicly available trivia about an elected representative; at the other are the undercover police being sent to spy on a grieving family, and into the homes, lives and beds of women.

Jenny Jones

Green Party peer